LEANNE lessened

her anxiety


"Through being involved in one of Chloé's health coaching group programs, I became aware of how my caffeine intake was negatively affecting my body. I cut my caffeine intake from 3 servings per day, to 1 serving per day during the program and haven't looked back. As someone who struggles with anxiety, I'd been told that this would help, however was apprehensive. I finally gave it a try and have found that caffeine reduction did indeed help with my anxiety. I enjoyed having the ability to stay accountable in this group through the Coach Connect app. The motivation delivered by Chloé and the other coaches through the app and our Facebook group was both helpful and inspiring!" 



"Through participating in one of Chloé's group programs, I have learned how clean eating can make you feel better both psychologically and physically. During this process, I was able to find my own individual health plan, meaning, I was able to find which healthy products and foods I enjoyed the most and those that I could put into my regular every day diet."

Emily gained awareness


"I feel very fortunate that I had the opportunity to work with Chloé for the 90-Day Transformation Program.  She was compassionate and very knowledgeable.  She has a wonderful manner about her that came through in her feedback. I thought Chloé provided a balance between being supportive while also encouraging me to reflect on my goals and barriers to my goals.  While working with Chloé, I have gained a greater awareness of different facets that contribute to wellness and to sustaining changes.  I’ve grown a lot during this period as a result of new revelations.  I now believe that judgment towards myself does not serve me and how my vision of myself significantly impacts my life. I also appreciated that Chloé sent a written summary of our session along with an action plan after our calls."

tara learned how to succeed



"I signed up for one of Chloé's group coaching programs and there was a very inclusive feel, where everyone was sincerely rooting for you to be your best self! During the program, I learned that as long as I take the time to set myself up for success, I’m more likely to succeed. Meal prepping, packing ahead for the gym and having no junk food available in my house made it simple. I noticed that when I’m stressed, it’s much harder to make these healthier choices or plan ahead. Prioritizing myself and utilizing self-care really helped me avoid these stressors and pitfalls. I really enjoyed the gentle encouragement in this group experience!" 

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"While engaging in a group coaching experience that Chloé offered, I learned that I don’t take the time to sit down and have meals. When I did sit down and have a meal, I realized that I felt a lot more satisfied with what I was eating. I also used the Coach Connect APP during my experience and really enjoyed the alerts that the app would send me throughout the day to remind me to move or stretch." 


"I signed up for one of Chloé's 28-day group coaching programs. During the experience, I learned that I have much more energy when I eat healthy and stay on a routine. The food that was featured on the Coach Connect APP was delicious and I really enjoyed it!" 


"My AHA moment was realizing how dependent I was on caffeine and poor food choices. I also came to understand that meal prepping is a must for me! Chloé and the other coaches she worked with were very inspiring and understanding." 

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