The Power of Connection & Vision Holding. 3 steps to attract high-vibe women influences in your life

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Robyn Youkilis, myself (Chloé Tagan) & Emily Nachazel

This past weekend, I attended a wellness retreat led by the lovely Robyn Youkilis in the big NYC. If you don't know Robyn, or aren't familiar with her work, she's an entrepreneur, health coach, public speaker, TV host and #1 best selling author of the books "Go with your Gut" and "Thin from Within." Since August of 2018, I have been a part of one of Robyn's group coaching programs, entitled, The Rockstar Coaching Collective. This is a high level coaching program that provides a space for women to connect with one another, grow into their best selves and evolve, both personally and professionally.

The weekend was a wonderful, emotional whirlwind that started with body movement and meditation, allowed space for self reflection, journaling and intention setting and was filled with loving, supportive energy and feedback for every single woman in the room. Myself and the other Rockstars got to learn from amazing additional entrepreneurs, such as Emily Nachazel (health coach and sidekick for Robyn at her company "Your Healthiest You,") Jamie Graber, (energy worker and mindset shifter) who led us in a "new moon ceremony and meditation" and Paige Gregor, (plant based alchemist), who brought us amazingly delicious donuts that are vegan and paleo and down right beautiful! (You can follow all of these lovely ladies at their instagram handles listed at the bottom of this blog).

But something that I realized after the weekend had ended and I was traveling back home to Massachusetts, was how "connected" I felt to all of these women. And how interesting that was, as I had just met all of them in person 48 hours prior. Since the Rockstar Collective is an online coaching program, I had never before met these women in real life, or should I say, IRL. But I realized that not meeting them prior in the physical realm, didn't really matter. What mattered was their willingness to get to know me, connect with me and be open about their lives and their experiences even though we had never met in person and only knew small tidbits about each other from the online space.

One of our reflection prompts during the retreat was to consider how powerful it can be when you have a vision you're trying to accomplish and then another woman holds that vision with you. It's undeniably true, that when we have support from others, we can achieve great things that maybe we couldn't on our own. This is what I realized at the retreat. That being open and willing to connect with new people, specifically new women, could completely alter my own energy and my own dreams and visions. I had women who I was just starting to get to know, tell me that they believed in me and that they knew I could succeed in my goals. These women had clearly made the decision to lean towards connection, rather than run away from it. Pretty powerful stuff, huh? The idea of holding a vision for someone else and believing in them is no joke. It fosters connection, growth, faith, inspiration and it reminds us that we have purpose in this life. That inspiring and holding space for others, only helps us in our own journeys.

After spending my weekend in this thought provoking space, I was truly and whole heartedly reminded of the power of connection. Specifically, connection to women who are strong, powerful, intuitive, brave, courageous and vulnerable.

The lessons I'm taking away from this weekend are:

-Never doubt the power of connection.

-Never doubt the power of surrounding yourself with people who are living real lives.

-Never doubt the power of letting new energy into your life and putting yourself out there.


-Never doubt how much you can achieve when you believe in your dreams and you have amazing women to hold your vision along WITH YOU.

And to the woman who is currently reading this, I ask you to evaluate for yourself: who are the strong women in your life? Who are the people you can turn to if you're feeling weak, lost or uninspired? And on the contrary, who is your squad you can celebrate the good stuff with? Who can you share your dreams with that will also hold those dreams for you? Identifying the strong women in your life can be the catalyst that projects you forward. Knowing that you deserve to have strong figures around you to not only keep you accountable, but to believe that you are able to achieve any desire that you have, is crucial.

If you haven't yet asked yourself these questions, then sit down today and start. The asking is the scary part, but the listening for answers from your intuition and your gut is the part that will change your life. Surround yourself with amazing people and things will start to shift for you.

Still feeling a little stuck?

Here's 3 tips for you to start attracting high-vibe women influences in your life now:

1) Pay attention to the energy that surrounds you: assess who drains your energy & who restores it.

The first step to attracting more high-vibe women into your life as friends, mentors, role models, business partners, etc., is to assess whose energy drains you (meaning, makes you feel like crap) and whose energy restores you (meaning, makes you feel inspired, enlightened and limitless). First step to this is making a personal inventory. Who in your life right now is helping you or hurting you? You can tell whose who based off of their attitudes, their body language and most importantly, how YOU feel when you're with them or when you're sharing your dreams and visions with them. Enlightened? Or Discouraged? Pay close attention to your feelings.

2) Be the light amongst the dark.

In order to attract more badass women into your life, you must first BE THE POSITIVE ENGERY THAT YOU WANT IN YOUR EXPERIENCE. How do you do this? Do things that only make you happy. Say no to more that you don't want to commit to. Get clear about what you love in life and why. And most importantly, BE IN GRATITUDE. Being grateful for what we have, our experiences or the people in our lives allows us to attract more positive, loving and grateful people into our realities. Typically, if you want more light in your life, you have to first give it to others.

3) Choose wisely.

Once you've assessed the energy around you, chosen to "be the light" and live in gratitude, then you are ready to CHOOSE WISELY. Choose the women in your life very wisely. Choose to engage with the women who build you up, rather than tear you down. And always, identify and engage with the women who are willing to hold your vision for you and with you, simultaneously as you're holding it for yourself.

I am infinitely grateful for the women in the Rockstar Coaching Collective. And for all the badass women in the world who want to have deeper female connections and hold visions for their fellow badass sisters.

Badass women mentioned above & their insta handles:

Robyn Youkilis: @robynyoukilis

Emily Nachazel: @emilynachazel

Jamie Graber: @organicallyjamie

Paige Gregor: @daysofcitrine & her business: @citrineandco_

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