Living in Habit vs. Setting an Intent

There is a primary difference between a “habit” and an “intent”. Any ideas? Or maybe you’ve just never stopped to even think about this before. Well, I would say that most people in American society are living their life completely out of habit, which means that they have developed a routine that “seems to work” and they follow it religiously whether it’s actually working for them or not.

First of all, a habit is a behavior that can be beneficial if it’s improving your life—but on the other hand, habits can derail you off of the path that you actually want to be on and can negatively influence your life.Bad habits can form quite easily in people. Once a human being is set into a routine, they often perform this type of task without thinking twice about it or giving it much attention. We have the ability to become very robotic in life unless we consistently make an effort to examine why we are doing the things that we’re doing.

Now, thinking about examining your every choice in life might sound exhausting— but this is how we can prevent bad habits from forming. When there’s too much stimulation in our lives, our bodies feel overworked and overwhelmed. When this happens we tend to shut down and perform tasks that simply “get us by” so that we don’t have to give our full attention to everything. It’s truly a means of conserving our energy.

Now, I’m not saying that habits are always bad, but they can drag us down quite a bit in the long run if they aren’t benefitting us. You see, life is truly all about learning how to “be present”and “be in the moment” while it’s actually happening.If we create too many routine habits for ourselves without thinking, then we are blocking ourselves of being present in the moment and ultimately, we are cutting off our abilities to set a meaningful intention that could make our lives more enjoyable.

Intent is a beautiful thing that allows us to hit the refresh button on our lives each and every day.When you start your day with a new and meaningful intention, instead of following a bland routine, you will finally be able to experience more passion in your life and to feel excited about your endeavors. Intentions are wonderful reminders of what we are really trying to accomplish.Intention brings purpose into our experiences and it makes us feel worthy of greatness and gives us the ability to achieve our goals.

Here are 3 powerful intentions that you can use each day as a starting point. These are overall general statements, so feel free to take some time and create a list of intentions that are specific to your life. However, these are some of my favorites and when I start my day with one of these intentions in mind, I feel more fulfilled, more peaceful and the possibilities for me become endless.

My 3 Favorite Intentions:

1) Bring more joy to others.

This simple little statement has the power to be life changing. When you bring joy to another person’s life, you are ultimately bringing joy to your own life. If you are looking for a purpose to feel more fulfilled, you can never go wrong with this idea. Bringing joy to other people is truly what the world needs right now, so, smile at a stranger, open the door for someone, buy someone’s coffee in the morning, or simply be more “present” in a conversation. There are so many ways to bring joy to other people and I promise that when you do, you will start to feel amazing personal shifts within yourself. Bring joy to others and that feeling of peace will come back to you tenfold.

2) Find the good in all experiences.

What lesson can you learn from even the worst and most heart-breaking situations? Not all of life’s lessons are easy ones to learn, but every single circumstance presents us with a choice—to learn or to ignore. Which will you choose? The next time you feel like the world is crumbling down on you, think about how that experience is shaping you into the next better version of yourself. If you wake up in the morning with the intention to see the good in every single experience you have, it will shift your perception from negative to positive and allow you to concentrate on love instead of fear.

3) Be authentically true to who you are.

What does this mean? Well, for me, it means living a life that is TRUE to YOU. Who are you? And what do you want the world to see? If you’re going through your life and putting on a show that isn’t authentic, then you might want to examine why you’re doing that. Once you learn how to unapologetically be yourself, then you will be able to accomplish amazing things. People will start to gravitate towards you, simply because you live a life that feels genuine. Never underestimate how powerful originality can be. Each person on the planet has unique qualities that need to be seen, so don’t sell yourself short by hiding these away. Be who you are and start showing it to the world.

I hope these intentions have served you well. It’s important to never forget how easy it is to fall into habits that don’t serve us. And if you want some further direction on how to put these intentions into real time practice then follow the action step below:

ACTION STEP: Every morning for 7 days, practice waking up and setting a positive intention for your day before you complete any other tasks.

I promise that if you stay with this simple practice, you will feel more purposeful, more peaceful and ultimately, you’ll step into a happier version of yourself.

Have some of your own favorite intentions? Leave a comment and share them with me!

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