Sometimes we just need a sounding board to gain clarity on what we truly want.


Let me guide you on your path.

Individual coaching will help you work on a goal or challenge you're experiencing with specialized accountability and support. 

individual coaching is for you if...

  • You've been feeling stagnant, unmotivated and a little lost when it comes to your goals or what you want your life to look like. 

  • You're tired of feeling like you can't create the results you want in your life.

  • You want to change your beliefs but you have no idea where to start. 

  • You have the best intentions to make lifestyle changes but feel overwhelmed and confused. 

  • You're craving a specific system, individual accountability and the right support to get your goals in gear. 

  • You ultimately want to REDUCE STRESS in your life, in all areas. 

  • You need a boost of self confidence and feel disconnected from your own personal power. 


When you work with me, you'll be given the tools to assess what you truly want and how to bring it into your life. I teach you a 5 step process to Manifest your desires and the ability to successfully reframe the way you think about your life and circumstances. 


Together, we'll examine your lifestyle, how you speak to yourself, what you feed yourself, who you surround yourself with and how you think about yourself. Your personal inner power will be ignited once your perspective has shifted in your favor and your dreams are given the room to flourish through a process of re-wiring your subconscious brain.

Whatever your goal is, I can help you step into the happiest, most confident, most authentic version of yourself.


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what your 1:1 coaching curriculum will look like 

This program is a 90-day, 12-week structure. Everything included is below:

  • One 60-Minute Deep Dive Call: This is your initial consultation to your coaching experience, but it's truly so much more than that. We will dive into the motivating factors behind your big goals and discover how to make them a reality. We'll get curious about what's not working for you in a completely supportive and judgment free zone. 

  • Eleven additional calls, 40 minutes in length (1 session per week): During this program, you get full comprehensive support. This is an intensive coaching experience for people who are craving the right guidance, system and accountability to help them achieve their goals and visions. You'll get my undivided attention for 12 consecutive weeks.

  • Support between sessions: The point of working with a 1:1 coach is that you don't have to go at your journey alone. Email and text support is available outside of your schedule sessions.