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Over the years, I’ve struggled with poor self-image, low self-esteem, burnout from overworking myself and existing in a state of constant stress. Ultimately, running parallel to my own inner existential crisis, I’ve always had a deeper feeling inside me that there was a better way. I always knew that life could be extraordinary on all fronts, but didn’t know how to get there. I saw a huge disconnect, a gap, if you will, between what we are taught in public education and the skills that we really need to live fulfilling lives. Things like the ability to have genuine conversations, to truly listen to one another, to talk about our emotions and feelings, to practice self-love and self-care and to offer patience and acceptance to those we are in relationship to. 

Once I started studying Mental Health, Health Coaching, the Law of Attraction, Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Reiki, Quantum Physics, energy frequencies, holistic living and the inner beautiful workings of the human mind, I began to realize that we humans really can live lives that are extraordinary and abundant. I started to understand that each one of us on the planet has a fundamental worthiness of living a life that we truly want to experience.

So what stops us? Our belief systems, our traumas, our fears, our insecurities, our stubbornness, our subconscious desires to self-sabotage our successes, our habitual patterns that don’t serve us—all of these things can collectively prevent us from experiencing life at the highest level that we can. I have decided to devote myself to a life where I am always working on stepping into the next best version of myself. This means that I am always willing to do the inner work it takes to up-level my health, my mindset and my emotional state. I am a constant work in progress, just as we all are. And I am elated every single day to work with individuals and help them access new and empowering belief systems that help them move through their lives with grace and ease. This doesn’t mean that life becomes “easier,” but it means that you develop the tools to reframe your current circumstances to understand that the Universe is always working for you and never against you. 

I am here to remind you that miracles exist, that life can be fully magical and that the point of being alive is to grow, evolve, change and shift. It’s an honor to be a coach and teacher of the importance of a powerful mindset and I can’t wait to share my wisdom with you.


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