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I’m Chloé Tagan and I’m a Spiritual Health & Mindset Coach. I have a background in Mental Health, I'm a Reiki Practitioner, a writer, an empath, food lover, student of life and true believer in the importance of personal growth and development.

I believe that health and wellness is a journey that's a lot more enjoyable when we have a mindset that works in our favor. And I strongly believe that being aware (and working with) your mindset can catapult you towards your dreams. My passion is helping people to re-wire their subconscious minds to work for them, not against them, as many of our limiting beliefs (that hold us back in life) come from our subconscious minds. My goal is to empower you to be your own best healer and to understand that since you created your life thus far, you can re-create it at any moment. 

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 Life is Beautiful when you let it be

I want to help you

be the best you

Ever since childhood, I’ve been obsessed with learning about how the human experience works. Why we are all here and especially the idea that humans can create and re-create their lives at any given moment. I believe that we have untapped power that lives within the ethers of our minds that many of us don’t use and are not even aware of. I believe that we have choices all around us— that we can always be in control of how we show up in the world, how we treat ourselves and others, and the thoughts that we ultimately think all day long. 

I know deep in my heart, that I can help you create lasting change in your life. I know this, because I have a fundamental belief that miracles exist, people can change and your life can shift if you want it to. Wherever you find yourself right now is not permanent, it’s merely a temporary stop on the journey. 


Come take a walk with me to discover the next level of yourself. If you're ready, it will likely be the most profound walk you’ve ever taken and I feel honored that I'll be walking with you.